Update to Ranked Matches

2020-11-03 10:47:59


While you're tearing through ranked matches and leveling up, we decided to spice up your gameplay with the addition of these features and rewards. 

New Additions

Every time you reach a new league this season, you will earn 25 cards for the M4 Custom. 

Crafting has been a highly requested way to acquire new guns and it's finally been added to consoles recently. There are several ways to earn cards in Warface and we highly recommend you check up on this article to learn more about them! 
Speaking of ways to earn cards - a new contract has been added as well, and it can be completed only through ranked matches. Hop into the game to see what it is!


For reaching the first league you will get the stylish Tactical Axe "Nuclear". And for reaching the fifteenth league you will get the deadly M1911A1 "Nuclear"

Tactical Axe
Tactical Axe "Nuclear"
M1911A1 "Nuclear"

Enjoy the update, have fun, and see you on the battlefied! 

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