Warface Console is celebrating second anniversary!

2020-10-01 09:02:22


The console version of Warface is celebrating two years anniversary. We invite you to celebrate it with the increased rewards, special contract, festive shop update and an anniversary stream with community-manager! 

Increased server rewards

Increased rewards will help you to spend these holidays effectively and increase your progression: earn x2 more WF dollars, XP and VP until 09:00 UTC on 05.10.20. It's time to start your own battle marathon!

Festive contract

Another surprise —  is a festive contract, which can bring you unique Festive items and achievement for its completion. The contract consists of the tasks, which can be completed simply by Warface so that you can enjoy the game and get items, designed for the console version of the game.

Нож M48 Bowie 'Единство'
Festive M48 Bowie Knife
Жетон 'Единство'
Festive Badge
Монета 'Единство'
Festive Mark
Нашивка 'Единство'
Festive Stripe
Перчатки 'Единство'
Festive Gloves
Шлем 'Единство'
Festive Helmet


Anniversary shop update

New festive shop update is featuring new exclusive Festive series pistols: SIG Sauer P226 and Maxim 9. Your enemies won't take you by surprise anymore!


Anniversary stream

Another way to celebrate this occasion is to spend it watching the anniversary stream. Community-managers will be happy to spend this evening playing Warface and communicating with our players! Moreover, it can also be a chance for you to take part in a giveaway and get a delightful prize! The stream will start at 16:30 UTC.

Check out our Twitch Channel!

Anniversary giveaway on our social platforms 

Holiday atmosphere has also spread to our social media platforms: don't miss the chance to subscribe our Facebook, Discord and Twitter  — the festive giveaway is waiting for your participation! 

Warface Console development team is grateful to all and everybody for your contribution to the development of the game. It is your feedback and suggestions, which makes Warface the game which is loved by so many people. And it is our community, which makes Warface the way it is now. Thank you! 

Have a nice game! 

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