Cartel Weapon Skins and Other New Additions

2018-10-19 16:30:10


The weekend is coming up, and that means its time to get new weapons for new victories!

Gold Fund

Firearm enthusiasts will be able to enjoy four new Golden guns. Riflemen will receive a legendary AK-47, Snipers will employ the AWM, Medics will receive the FABARM XLR Prestige, while Engineers will take up the SCAR-L PDW. Excel with either of these battle-tested masterpieces and you will be well-rewarded with unique achievement stripes!

Striking design and superb stats, what else could one need?


If you are keen on saving up some extra Warface Dollars for a new gun, climb a new rank or unlock valuable items in the Arsenal, these Boosters will come in handy. Take your pick and join the fray! Don't forget that the Boosters stack, just think of how much you can get with them! By the way, you can grab the Mega VIP Booster right now at a 25% discount!

  • XP Booster: 100%
  • VP Booster: 50%
  • Game Money Booster: 75%
  • VP Booster: 15%
  • XP Booster: 180%
  • VP Booster: 130%
  • Game Money Booster: 165%

New Additions

The M249 Para light machine gun is sure to please riflemen. Thanks to its big damage, high rate of fire, and high-capacity magazine of 200 rounds, you can hold off a whole group of enemies, destroying anyone who peeks out from behind their cover for an instant!

For engineers, the store has the Honey Badger SMG. What sets it apart from the rest is its integrated silencer, which helps you carry out your operations without drawing excess attention to yourself. Enemies won’t even be able to tell which direction the deliverer of their death came from.

Cartel Weapon Skin Series

Cartel weapons skins are now available for the AK-47, the M1911A1, Beretta MX4 Storm SMG, UTAS UTS-15 shotgun, and Barrett M98B sniper rifle. This unusual color scheme will show your foes that you’re not to be messed with!

As a reminder, weapon skins can be purchased on the Inventory tab. Just go to the Weapon tab and select the weapon you want. If there are available skins for it, they’ll appear in the right-hand column.

Anubis Weapon Series

The Colt Python Elite needs no introduction. You can now get this powerful handgun from the Anubis series for yourself, as well as a stellar patch for killing enemies with it.

Hurry and get your hands on these guns. They'll be leaving the game store on October 23!

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