Battle Pass: Season 7

2020-08-18 13:01:39


You have been waiting for it for so long — and it is finally here! New Battle Pass for consoles is coming, bringing the unique atmosphere, which you would definitely like. This global event is created for consoles, giving you an opportunity to become a real hero! 

Sow fear in the hearts of your enemies by carrying out stealthy and merciless attacks. The new camos and weapons of the “Hidden War” series will become your reliable allies in this undertaking. Each level reached will yield a new reward.

We remind you that everyone can try out the event - rewards for the first 5 levels are available to everyone. However, you will need full access to make the most of the Battle Pass and gain the most valuable prizes.

Personal progress and levels

This city needs a new hero! Put on camouflage and set out on covert operations. Complete all 50 levels and become the best fighter of the invisible front! To secure new levels, complete PvP matches, PvE missions and Special Operations.

Get the upper hand in the battle for strategic supremacy by unlocking unique armour of the “Hidden War” series.

The legendary knife "Solid", an irreplaceable melee arm, will help you get absolute supremacy over your opponents.

Those, who appreciate good-looking weapon, will definitely like "Hidden War" camo series, which includes all popular guns!

7 season unique achievements include 7 marks, 4 badges and 4 stripes designed in the same style as the ammo.



If you feel like playing with your luck, you can try opening personal crates, which contain "Hidden War" series permanent and temporary weapons:

"Hidden War" TEC-9
"Hidden War" SV-98
"Hidden War" SIG MPX
"Hidden War" Kel-Tec KS7
"Hidden War" AK-12

Just as before, you can find a guaranteed prize. Even if fortune doesn’t like you today, and 24 crates running yield only temporary items, you will definitely get a valuable permanent prize from each 25th crate. In addition, permanent weapons cannot be repeated: in other words, you will always receive a new model.

The hidden war is on. Fight!

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